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Experienced Executives with an Eye for Talent

Obsidian Group aligns decades of experience in HR strategy, talent acquisition and brand development to help ambitious companies reach the next level.  From executive coaching and talent search to long-range techniques that promotes brand champions, our experience is your greatest asset to advance your corporate strategy.

HR Consulting

We move beyond tactical HR to help organizations make waves.  We are your solution for end-to-end HR Services.

Align your HR Group for change!

Talent Acquisition

Real innovation is about human capital. We groom leaders that spark change & inspire those around them to achieve.

Find the right talent!

Marketing Services

With branding solutions for growing businesses we couple internal buy-in with “smart brand market activation.”

Upgrade your Marketing Approach!

Small Business Services

Servicing small businesses requires distinct know-how.  Our tailored small business solutions enables small business growth.

Engage us to show you how!


Our Clients

You will recognize many of our clients, because we work with some of the largest and growing  organizations globally.  From Talent Acquisition , HR Consulting, Marketing Services, and  Small Business Services  that fosters the vision to achieve corporate transformation, we drive organizations forward.



Pat Slater

“I have had the pleasure of working with John for almost a decade now and he a true professional. He cares deeply about his clients and candidates and is always looking to do what’s right. John has been an invaluable source of inspiration to me in addition to providing real world business advice that has made a direct contribution to our growth as a company.”

Executive Search