Marketing Case Studies


Innovative and creative marketing is more important than even in a shaky economic climate. Here’s some of the best strategies we’ve found for quickly moving your brand from intriguing concept to household name.




edelweissKey Features

  • Complex mix of financial information, widgets, calculators, market data laid & designed aesthetically

  • Several research and knowledge sharing documents view on the same page using custom document viewer

  • Custom widgets for different pages that can be managed dynamically from admin interface to control which widget is displayed on which page with what data at what time

  • Custom CSS for each browser to ensure fancy effects on the website and compatibility with all browsers especially IE7

  • Dynamic search for category site and overall search


Technology Used: SQLServer 2008 R2, DotNetnuke, Java script, jquery, HTML, CSS

websiteKey Features

  • Easy to navigate
  • Gallery for all sections of a flat and building
  • Advanced CMS to manage content
  • Brochure download option

Technology Used: HTML, Javascript, CSS




micro1Key Features

  • Interactive site
  • Gamification for brand recall and multiple visit on the site
  • Login through various social media platforms
  • Moderation option for Admin
  • Voting feature
  • Entry submission through various formats
  • Option for Admin to approve entries and add it to shortlisted tab
  • Admin has an option to accept challenges

Technology Used: HTML, Javascript, CSS



Key Features

  • Listing of type of friends
  • Visually enticing when the video starts
  • Linking of different videos via questionnaire
  • Revealing of friend type based on questions answered
  • Score/points for sharing the video
  • Sharing option on various social media platforms
  • Discussion box for users
  • Option for tagging friends
  • Exciting gamification

Technology Used: Linux, PHP, Apache, MySQL, HTML, Javascript, CSS, Youtube APIs



Facebook Apps

fb1 IPL FB App for eBay

This application was developed for eBay during IPL season 4, 5 and 6.  Using this application, users can come and predict the winner of match by dragging a cricket ball to their selected team.  If prediction is correct, then user earns a point based on the odds of predicted team.  Users can also invite their Facebook friends to participate and predict. If friends predict the same team and that team wins, user gets additional bonus points. Application declares daily, weekly and overall winner.

Key Features

  • Smooth drag and drop feature for predicting winners
  • Gamification based on points
  • Tracking friends prediction for additional points
  • Virality through invite and FB share
  • Auto winner declaration basis points
  • Admin section incase the admin wants to select winners.

Technology Used: PHP, MySQL, Apache, Java script, jquery, HTML, CSS, smarty

fb2Tweet A Tab

This is a treasure hunt type Facebook application integrated with Twitter. User needs to tweet using brand’s hash tag.  As the number of tweets increases, maps starts to zoom in. First person to reach the location wins Reliance 3G tab.

This application brings together integration of various social media platforms i.e. On-ground activation, Facebook, twitter and Google maps. Success of this application can be understood from the fact that while this application was running, brand’s hash tag was amongst the top trending hash tags on twitter in India.

This was a for 5 days-5 cities campaign.

Key Features

  • Integration of 3 social media platforms in one single app
  • Admin section to set threshold for tweets

Technology Used: PHP, MySQL, Apache, Java script, jquery, HTML, CSS, smarty


fb3Tourism Victoria

Based on the type of holiday, spots of his choice and capturing the one life time experience he / she’s looking for, the application generates entire itinerary for the user. To further entice participation the user is encouraged to express reasons to visit these places. Winner of the story stands to win free trip to Melbourne.


Key Features

  • Auto generation of itinerary
  • Admin section to manage users
  • Easy navigation
  • Voting feature for virality
  • Share and Invite feature

Technology Used: Csharp, SQL server 2008 R2

Facebook SDK for .Net

The Facebook SDK for .net provides a rich set of Facebook’s  API calls.

Mobile Web Apps / IOS & Android Applications

app1The New Audi A8L iPad App

 One of the top selling cars brand in India needed a face on iOS platform. This application was a replica of the flash based website however developed using iOS native platform which featured flash like effects.

Key Features.

  • Flash like visual effects
  • User-friendly navigation and site structure
  • Intelligent cross-linking

Platform: iOS 4.0 and above

app2Parle 20- 20 cookies

Short Mein Niptao application enables the user to send the shortest message, all the user had to  do is type his / her message and click on shorten it to process the message further. The app dynamically reduced the size of the keyword in order to increase communication.

Key Features.

  • Runtime reduction of word on basis of the string provided
  • Integration with Twitter to post content on user account
  • Native SMS functionality to send message from within the app



Products/Software Applications


Kitchen Konnect

This application is designed to handle complex business logic of modular kitchens. There are various types of core materials for cabinet, shutters, accessories and skirting. Apart from these there are colors and each of these colors is bind to some shutter family or cabinet. Pricing of modules depends not only on combination of core material and color but also on design, side colors, wooden components, and glass design. There are so many hardware components which could be applicable in a module and in accessory.

Aim of this application is that franchise should be able to design custom proposal for end user which can have any of the modules and accessory and panels. Customers can customize these things as per their choice. And once a proposal for these items is send to head office, head office should be able to see all these modules broken in to their least level of granularity,and generate accurate BOM and BOQ.


Technology Used: PHP, MySQL, Apache, Java script, jquery, cake php, HTML, CSS


Challenges faced: Kitchen industry has its own business model, and understanding of complex calculations behind beautiful looking kitchen was a challenging task.


How did we overcame these challenges: Close coordination with client. Dedicated approach and understanding client’s perspective. Coming up with innovative solutions to solve complex scenarios.


Untitled2EHS Ignite

Companies that aspire to be better environmental stewards invest in strong environmental, health and safety management, otherwise known as EHS. From an environmental standpoint, it involves creating a systematic approach to managing waste, complying with environmental regulations, or reducing the company’s carbon footprint. Successful EHS programs also include measures to address ergonomics, air quality, and other aspects of workplace safety that could affect the health and well-being of employees.

This application is developed for Environment Health Safety Audits. Individual user can report hazards which they see in their day to day work environment. These hazards can be assigned to safety group within the company. Safety group can take preventive action and resolve these issues.

On the other hand, this software can also be used by professional EHS auditors. They can do complete safety audit of the company and send their report to concerned department. Audits can be performed using checklist as well. It is up to the auditor if he/she wants to use a checklist or not.


Technology Used: PHP, MySQL, Apache, Java script, jquery, CodeIgnitor, HTML, CSS


Challenges faced: There is lack of awareness about environmental, health and safety management among various groups, and the challenge was to  make the application interesting and user friendly with easy navigation.


How we overcome those challenges: We made this application look bright, interesting and not too complicated to navigate. We also included a feature to reward user’s/departments for reporting more and more hazards, and attracting the users to keep coming back.



HR Case Studies

Global Life Sciences Company

Goal: Contracted with President of R & D Division for Executive Coaching Assignment and to work through some Organizational Design issues and attempt to move the R & D unit further to an understanding of the Business Objectives and growth plans of the company.

Over a period of a year and a half, once analysis and thought sessions were complete on the Executive Feedback requirement, which included senior level interviews with other departments, recommendations were made to enhance the value and contribution of the Key Executive .  This was done in terms of internal management direction, style and focus for the R & D team to more closely match the driving initiatives form the Global Leaders.  This was finished through the Disc evaluation process (Leadership & Team Assessment Profile Analysis) and successful collaboration with the Coach and the Executive.  As a result of the effectiveness of this process, our company was requested to provide a professional seminar including a full Personal Assessment process for all members of the R & D team.  The intention was to drive cohesiveness among the team to increase overall effectiveness and productivity.


Result:Not only was the initial effort successful but the seminar was very well received and productivity factors were changed and the increase was significant.  A strong teamwork agenda was now formed which will help the company grow financially to reach their growth numbers of $5B in the allotted timeframe.   

Leading Medical Device Manufacturer

Goal:  To maxmize intellectual contributions of medical personnel, internally and externally (customers like surgeons, etc.)

Served as executive coach for Chief Medical and Scientific Officer (CMSO).  It was the first time that a physician joined the C-Suite as a member of the executive team reporting to the CEO.  The focus was to support, enhance, and help introduce this new clinical role to ensure how critical this Physician – Scientist – Executive remit is to the operations and sales of the company going forward.  It reinforced the need to support increased research and clinical trials and shared services across the globe. HR advisory services provided to support the hiring of this doctor by the organization.   Continued consulting to ensure success of onboarding, build the right mission of role to complement the global strategic direction for one of the world’s leading medical device companies.

Result:  Internal buy-in and successful integration into the leading medical device manufacturer team and proper alignment with global initiatives.


Well Known University in NYC

Goal:  Provide executive coaching for Acting Dean, School of Pharmacy as well as organizational design and development of department.


With a consultative coaching approach, provided the support needed for the direction of this well known university in NYC becoming one of the leading pharmacy universities in the nation.  Engaged in advisory services; became a trusted partner to foster greater interpersonal skills between tenured professors.


Result:  Attained greater civility across the entire faculty, student body, administration.



Talent Acquisition Case Studies

Fast-Track Staffing for Top-Secret IT Personnel.

Category: Full-Time Search and Placement

The Client: A billion-dollar provider of temporary contract workers in technology, which placed personnel directly or acted as a sub-contractor to larger providers; primary focus: Department of Defense, Homeland Security, and other Government agencies.


The Goal: Our client secured a contract to place 300 full-time employees with a single organization, with an emphasis on top-secret IT personnel. While the firm did not place full-time personnel directly, it did own a company that did, with about 1,100 locations and almost 5000 personnel. However, they needed help meeting their timeline and achieving the high level of talent required.


Achieving Success: Because of our previous success with this client, we were asked to serve as one of four offices nationwide dedicated to providing candidates for full-time placement at their customer operations site. We ramped up our efforts and within two weeks we had submitted 36 qualified candidates and continued to supply viable personnel until the contract was completed.


Sparking a 50% Productivity Increase

Category: Contract Staffing

The Client:A multi-billion dollar medical device operation that we partnered with for searches in clinical, regulatory, product management, accounting and IT


The Goal: The client’s customer-service operation, which was the face of the organization to their customers, was having difficulties with turnover and performance. We were brought in to determine how the company could better manage this volatile situation.


Achieving Success: Upon review, it was clear that there was a morale problem, paired with a skills-assessment issue that needed adjustment. In short, the process they were using with staffing vendors was not providing the correct personnel for the requirements. Having the facts in hand, the organization requested that we participate in the solution. We quickly set up a new process, including face-to-face interviews with candidates, and assigned a full-time project manager. Before we knew it, we had replaced 45% of the temporary workforce and were able to drop the turnover rate to less than 10%. The company’s staffing vendors adjusted their process in turn, and overall productivity increased by almost 50%.


Multi-Lingual Contract Staffing

Category: Contract Staffing

The Client:A $7-billion global manufacturing company with about 20,000 employees


The Goal: Already a client partner for full-time searches, we were asked to participate in a RFP process focused on providing contract labor for U.S. manufacturing plants. We won the bid, and to assist in the search, retained the services of a multi-lingual sub-contractor.


Achieving Success: We implemented a clean managerial takeover from the previous vendor and upgraded their manual systems with automated time reporting and payroll. We also identified a managerial gap, and placed a full-time project manager to care for the needs of the shift personnel. The client’s turnover rate dropped drastically and daily functions that were previously on the Plant Manger’s plate were able to be shifted to the Project Manager.


Guiding an Executive Search

Case Study: Guiding an Executive Search for a Global, Multi-Billion Dollar Organization

Category: Full-Time Search and Placement

The Client:A global, multi-billion dollar operation in the imaging business


The Goal: As the President of the organization planned retirement, we received a call to meet with the CFO and President of the U.S. Operation. The company sought our assistance in the following areas:

  • Evaluation of the position
  • Determination of the skill-set requirements for his replacement
  • Insight on executive-level compensation in the market for the purposes of ongoing positioning


Achieving Success: A close partner, we had aided this organization with their finance and IT operations personnel in the U.S., and had also consulted with their Management teams in Italy and the UK. Upon outlining the goals for the project, we commissioned compensation pros for a market view. We also developed both the hard requirements for the position as well as the soft skill set and culture package needed to attract the right candidate. While the position was realigned by the Management team in Italy, we continued to offer value-added service, enabling us to provide everything they needed to proceed with the search. Having established ourselves as a vendor who listens closely, thinks out of the box and provides total solutions, we have since received many referrals from this client.