Obsidian Group, a Human Asset Management Firm, was founded by John H. Perry, President.  Known for our authentic, transparent and honest approach, Obsidian Group offers highly seasoned, results-oriented consultancy services in four primary segments:

Creating Advantage Through Talent

At Obsidian Group, pedigree is our key competitive advantage.  Each of our Business Partners brings years of global experience and a track record of exemplary success, a requirement we demand from each and every Business Advisor we engage.  Our background has taught us that talent drives absolutely everything.  Indeed, human assets make an organization come alive.


Achieving Your Vision

Through strategic alliances and a world-class team of associates, Obsidian Group engages clients to help them achieve their vision.  The most successful partnerships we build are accomplished when we’re able to ensure that everyone, across every level and function, owns and understands just how critical their role is to realizing the overarching mission.  Above all else, the right human capital sustains the true culture of an organization.  It’s about vision and it’s about branding, both personal and organizational.

When you are planning the next stage of your success story, Obsidian Group is your choice for expertise.  As partners you can count on, our promise is to contribute to your success, time and time again.