Strategic Insight for a Global Economy

In the era of innovation, opportunity is not limited to our own backyard.  To leverage its full potential, however, you must match the proper talent to the task.  This is true whether you are a sales organization about to enter a new market or a manufacturer launching a new product or service line – and the difference between success and failure often resides in the planning:

  • Creating efficiencies and developing new workflows
  • On-boarding and integrating talent into existing workflows
  • Measuring success and business impact
  • Powering each player to be a driver for measurable success


End-to-End HR Services

Our HR leaders are strategic architects who define organizational needs, identify gaps, and execute  plans for implementing and tracking.  Equally comfortable working in the C-Suite advising CEOs and their executive team, CHROs and internal HR teams or serving as an adjunct HR resource, we deliver the full range of strategic HR services including: :


  • Executive Coaching & Leadership Training
  • Succession Planning
  • Vision and Mission Realization
  • Organizational Design & Development
  • Career Navigation/Employee Branding/Outplacement
  • Compensation & Benefits Planning
  • Employee Performance Evaluations
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Talent Management/Employee Engagement
  • HR Compliance/Legal Services
  • Employee Relations




 Executive Coaching

Top talent defines goals and vision.  Yet they must also be the face of change, publicly and internally.  We foster leadership techniques that drive organizations through periods of growth and transition.


Transition Planning

If you don’t prepare for change, you can only react – and that introduces serious competitive threats.  We specialize in proactive transition planning to keep you nimble and ready to compete at every turn.  In addition, we pay special attention to creating growth opportunities within your organization.  When necessary, our team handles with utmost dignity sensitive career outplacement through our career navigation diagnostic to ensure people take ownership of their own respective careers.


Strategic Planning/Succession Planning/High Performing Leadership Cultures

Most organizations have good intentions when it comes to talent management but simply do not plan properly for the long-term.  Obsidian Group knows, first-hand, the value of being proactive around succession planning.  Companies that do not properly plan and react when key positions become open are behind the 8 – ball.  There is no substitute for executives to know whom they would hand the car keys over to when the time comes.  This keeps an organization on its toes and this sense of “talent urgency”, coined by Obsidian Group, is our hallmark.  Obsidian Group champions the necessity of having the right people at the right time in the right places builds and sustains success…all towards achieving a superior performance culture.  And, this begins at the top with the Board and the C-Suite executive team. At Obsidian Group, our consultants are highly experienced to recommend solutions to develop high potential talent for greater responsibility within respective organizations.


HR Generalist Functions/Advisory Services

Via top HRIS systems, high-impact performance evaluation systems, total compensation systems including comp and benefits, organizational design and development, Obsidian Group provides HR generalist and advisory services.

Talent Acquisition

With a deep contact list and years of experience, talent acquisition is our specialty.  We invite you to learn more about how we pair innovative organizations with top talent that drives achievement.