Keiva Ditchfield-Agboh – VP Marketing

Williams-Perry-Keiva-Sleeveless-infront-of-computerWith a brand strategist’s eye and proven savvy for driving organizational growth, Keiva guides strategic marketing solutions for Obsidian Group and its clients.  Her core belief is that market success is attained through careful analysis of organizational vision and incisive branding and marketing.  As such, Keiva perceives organizations holistically, seeing that each function is intricately intertwined, with marketing driving its vision. Realizing the importance of internal talent buy-in and external brand loyalty, Keiva’s driving mission is to actualize and grow the brands of which she molds.

Prior to joining Obsidian Group, Keiva served as the head of marketing for various organizations, always committed to advancing them to their next steps in growth.  Her experience in the defense, technology, HR, international, entertainment and marketing sectors, coupled with her savvy in the efficient execution of digital and traditional marketing methodologies, is widely recognized as a driver for organizational expansion.

Passionate about the connection between marketing and achievement, Keiva has developed marketing models designed to attain HR goals, promote small to mid-size business growth and actualize an organization’s vision.  Known for her entrepreneurial spirit, her specialties include creative business and marketing development, corporate growth strategies and marketing that lands the right procurement contracts.

Philanthropy & Personal Philosophy

Believing that giving back is essential, Keiva is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, an organization regarded for its strong philanthropic principals and strongly supports the Obsidian Group’s philanthropic efforts. In every aspect of her professional and personal life, she strives to operate passionately and honestly, believing that great rewards reside in providing services that help to elevate others.


New Jersey Institute of Technology, B.S. in Marketing Management