Talent that Drives Achievement: Hiring Right & Smart

In the end, an organization is judged by its ability to achieve.  Obsidian Group sets the standard for strategic and creative talent acquisition, and facilitates changes that create and sustain opportunity.  Our Principals and Business Advisors have worked with top global organizations and pedigreed talent – and our contact list as well as our knack for uncovering new talent are your secret ingredients for success.

Executive Search

Passionate executives set the tone.  We have more than 25 years of experience with Fortune 1000 clients and nonprofits; our extensive database of contacts and our ability to source and discover new talent will fast-track your successful search.

Priority Search Services

Mid- to Upper-Level Managers are your on-the-ground connection to the everyday workings of your organization.  Our Priority Search business model allows our firm to allocate dedicated resources to the assignment on your behalf.  We share the risk, get results and clients save on costs.

Contract Staffing

People are everything when it comes to revenue-driving change. We help you fill the talent gap quickly, providing short- and long-term resources across disciplines and verticals, from IT and marketing to management and beyond.

Talent Acquisition Resources

In addition to our extensive roster of contacts, Obsidian Group employs top talent acquisition services such as VMS, ATS, RPO, and MSP. These services may be provided by Obsidian Group directly or through our certified network partners.